25 Years


2019 sees the 25th year of Seven Sisters Group!

A quarter century of creating, innovating, learning, experiencing, teaching, sharing, investigating.

A quarter century of feeling inspired, squashed, driven, elated, frustrated, thrilled, overjoyed, discouraged, elevated, tired, hindered, supported, euphoric.

A quarter century of feeling blessed to be repeatedly working with incredible artists, venues and festivals.

A quarter century of surviving difficult economic arts funding landscapes in the UK and beyond!

We are proud to be celebrating our 25th anniversary this year!

We are proud of our achievements and work hard to accept our disappointments, even if the notion of failure does not exist in the neoliberalist climate of the last 25 years.

We are proud of the legacy we have created thus far, always in collaboration with a host of talented and hardworking artists and promoters.

We are excited about creating work into the future, challenging both our own views and perceptions as well as our audiences, and continuing to brave the boundaries of this wonderful field of live performance and digital technologies.

7 dancers in SALOME . Photo: Mattias Ek

7 dancers in SALOME . Photo: Mattias Ek

Seven Sisters Group