Bikes, ballet and beats hit Auckland

A fusion of bikes, ballet, and beats hit Auckland's Aotea Square today as part of the Living Room arts festival.

Kiwi BMX freestyle riders performed a wheeled ballet to opera and Pacific Island drum beat.

Behind the choreography was MaryJane O'Reilly.

The BMX Crew is a group of riders that tour schools and events around New Zealand to promote their sport.

A range of riders make up the team, to show the different styles of BMX riding.

They will also perform tomorrow at midday, and again at 1pm.

Shortly after, in the shop window of a Queen Street store, was a performance piece called 'Boxed'.

Danced by 28-year-old Maria Munkowits and choreographed by Susanne Thomas, it explores the idea of the different roles women play in society.

It is a 15-minute-long dance, and Munkowits performs it inside a wooden box.

Thomas came to New Zealand for the Living Room festival from London, where her dance academy, seven sisters group, is based.

'Boxed' will be performed tomorrow at 2pm, 2.30pm, and again on Wednesday at 12pm.

Living Room is a 10-day public art event funded by the Waitemata Local Board and supported by the British Council.

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