The Forbidden


A performance installation at the Royal Opera House


The Forbidden was an inhabited installation in the Clore Studio at the Royal Opera House in London. Inspired by the world of "Little Red Riding Hood"and its re-interpretation by Angela Carter, seven sisters group created a fantastical, maze-like environment of walls, walks and pathways which transformed the empty space into an all-encompassing sensory experience. Audiences were asked to find their way through the labyrinth, encountering performance in a forest truths and lies.

What are the rules? Who tells the truth? Who holds the key? Give in to temptation. Stray off the path ­ this way you may come to no harm. The Forbidden promises an experience that, in true fairytale tradition, remains forever engraved upon the memory.

Commissioned by The Royal Opera House, Artist Development Initiative.

Photo Mattias Ek