Based on the biblical story of Salomé, this promenade performance within the derelict Grand Hotel of St Pancras Chambers in London received great critical acclaim and was a sell out success of the Spring Loaded season. The multi-media piece was an interpretation of the themes and ideas displayed in the original story and its various reappraisals, especially those of the Fin de Siecle. Salomé, embodying persisting stereotypes and conceptions of female sexuality, power, manipulation and violence.

Audiences embarked on a solo journey through the building following a red thread and encountering a cast of delectable and deranged Salomés inhabiting a decrepit and lonely labyrinth of rooms, mirrors, corridors, projections and passageways - Salomé in all her guises, amongst a landscape of sound, video and art installations. In the atmospheric and haunting cellars of the Chambers the spectators’ voyeurism was exposed and challenged leaving them disconcerted, self conscious and excited.

Commissioned by The Place Theatre, supported by King’s Cross Partnership, London Continental Railways, Robin Howard Foundation and Camden Council.

Photos: Mattias Ek

A site-specific performance for St Pancras Chambers