A pod walk for the V&A Museum, London

Photos: V&A

This project is part of seven sisters group exciting new explorations of blending performance with handheld video technology.

seven sisters group created a short video walk around the Cast Court at the V&A Museum, based on the short story The House of Asterion by Jean Luis Borges. Whilst walking through the corridors and halls of the stunning Cast Court a mysterious story unfolded and allowed the visitors to experience the museum in a different light.

Audiences were invited to download the podcast walk to their own iPod or video smartphone by going to specific website and then visiting the museum; alternatively spectators were able show up on the door to borrow an iPod for the tour.

The instructions were as follows: ‘The walk is designed to be experienced alone. Go to room 107 and simply follow the instructions in the video.’

Following its phenomenal success seven sisters group were invited back to present the work at London Design Festival 2009.

Commissioned by the V&A for Friday Late Collaborate. Sponsored by Apple.

“Great! Very original and creepy.”

“That was one of the best tours I have ever taken. I loved the live performance aspect today. I will bring friends to do the tour, but they missed out!“

“Hot stuff. Lead me to believe that the people and performers on screen were the myth, due to the time displacement. With dashing sync with performers rolling directly off the screen into action.”

“It was intriguing with performers popping up all over the place. Do try more similar experiences/performances, please.”

“Brilliant! Enjoyed the “tour”, great atmosphere created and with the performers it completes the experience.”

(Audience comments)